PAST CASE FILES: About the Book

Screenshot 2014-02-18 14.20.129-11 has a secret back-story that started at the Tower of Babel and continues into the War on Terror. There is a reason they attacked our skyscrapers…

The darkly fantastic story of the secret history behind the World Trade Center, Tian-ah-menSquare, and the CIA’s misadventures in Vietnam. The story begins in the horrific aftermath of 9-11, and loops through the history of one man’s dangerous collaborations with powers he barely understands, and can never hold in check.

Peter Fisher becomes a homeless vet after one last disastrous Iraq mission, but over the next ten years, he’s irrevocably led back to the truth of the War on Terror and Guantanamo, and what his dangerous knowledge created.

Now he will undertake one last journey to the desert — to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, where he will confront the consequences of his own horrific mistakes.

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